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Sergey Ryazanskiy

Astronaut, Spacecraft Commander, Hero of the Russian Federation, Motivational Speaker, Space Photographer

  • The world’s first scientist who became a spacecraft commander
  • Performed 2 space flights, lasting in total 306 days. Done 4 spacewalks lasting in total 27 hours 35 minutes
  • Took the 2014 Winter Olympics Torch into open space together with Oleg Kotov
  • Participated in “Mars-500” program as captain of team Mars-105

1996 – graduated from the biology faculty of Moscow State University. Worked in the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Ph. D in Physiology and Aviation and Space Medicine.

Graduated with Honors from the Master’s Program of the Russian Presidential Academy specializing in National Economy and Public Administration.

2003 – enlisted as a candidate in the Astronauts Team of Russia.

2013 – First space flight.

2016 – Second space flight as spacecraft commander.

Sergey is a motivation speaker who made over 1000 appearances in Russia and abroad. Client list includes Mars, Abbott, Procter & Gamble, Cargill, Microsoft, Hay Group, Salym Petroleum, Metro C&C, ВАТ, Philip Morris, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Helix, Visa, Enel, E&Y, Unilever and others.

Lectures are focused on leadership, motivation, team building, working in stressful conditions. All examples are based on his unique experiences: being selected and trained to be an astronaut, living and working in multi-cultural teams on the International Space Station (ISS), performing spacewalks, dealing with crises. 

Highlights of the speech: 

  • Leadership, finding compromises, conflictology
  • Motivation through establishing an adequate goal, that is visible to all parties
  • Effective work in stressful conditions: trust and responsibility as key factors for teamwork
  • Relationships between central office and divisions. How to share responsibility areas and achieve the goal
  • Decision-making related issues: brainstorming, identifying the best management approach
  • Working in a multi-national team: finding a common language
  • Developing one’s agenda and ability to prioritize
  • Selecting a team versus having to work with a team “imposed” on a manager
  • An astronaut’s approach to safety issues: implementation of corporate safety culture in production

All lectures include photos and video footage made during his training, living and working on ISS, outer space missions, debriefs upon return to Earth.

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