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About Us

Moscow-based Global Vision Speakers Bureau specializes in finding Russian and international speakers, who are leaders in their field, for a wide range of events.

  • It is important to us that all parties are pleased with the result.

  • We represent politicians, business leaders, scientists, economists, writers, musicians, athletes, public figures and many other remarkable people who have achieved outstanding results and have unique expertise.

  • We are constantly adding new speakers to our list.

  • Having an extensive network of contacts and experience in communication on international level, we are able to engage speakers from Russia and other countries.

  • We know the ins and outs of the events, so we will provide professional assistance in engaging the most suitable speakers for forums, conferences, seminars.

We believe that the ideas and vision of our speakers, based on their experience and knowledge, can create considerable impact and change the world for the better.

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Moscow, Russia